Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creativity is frequently interrupted by reality. Since I last posted I have creatively driven my middle daughter to Maine to start grad school, furniture included to a three story walk up. No comment, I'm still out of breath. Then home to pack up my son and drive him back to his dorm and year two as an undergraduate, of course to the other side of the state. By the time I turned in the rental truck I had driven 2,483.7 miles.

Then I volunteered to create a slideshow for the 20th Anniversary Gala Event for the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild. I have battled the portability of video files. I should say their lack. The minute I emailed or copied to jump drive they were gone. The president and I decided they made it too long and substituted stills.

Then I discovered that the Holocaust Memorial website I had been managing was no longer operating and discovered the web host was no longer supporting the free sites, but didn't inform anyone. I have rebuilt it in Google sites. Feel free to visit-

I guess I was creative after all.

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