Monday, July 23, 2012

I took some time off to complete my Synergy collaboration. I can't discuss or show it until after the judging in August, but suffice it to say that some eighty hours went into creating it on my part and Carol Shepard, the bead maker , tried almost a dozen times before she was satisfied with the final sculptural  bead. I created the backdrop for the sculptural bead, which is the focal point. I used two-drop square stitch, because if I had used regular square stitch I would still be working on it. Carol was very pleased with the result.

 These are 8mm glass pink pearls and shell slices.

 This black and silver combination  is striking.

This is a wonderful play of glitter and matte. The round matte beads have beautiful flowers on them on a gray background and the crystals are all either completely covered in silver or partially covered. Lots of glitter.

  Time to move on to new ideas. I've played with this long enough