Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I have to start by apologizing, it has been a long time. My wife has been fighting stage four colon cancer, we have both retired and are finding how inadequate our retirement insurance coverage is since the legislature in Lansing "reformed" our insurance coverage as retired public employees. Then the Legislature taxes our retirement and takes away our Homestead Property Tax credit. A real triple whammy.
Even so, I still worked my summer art fairs and continue to operate my online stores.

 This 's That's the Point! Gold tone small right triangles, either engraved or encrusted with tiny clear rhinestones and larger points inlayed with faux ivory.
I played around with these components for several days before I was satisfied.

Spikes took less than an hour. It just came together and I didn't want to change a thing.

That is the funny part of creativity sometimes it makes you work for it  and other times it is almost instantaneous.

While I have been typing this I have been baking some desserts for Thanksgiving. It looks like the whole family will be here plus dear friends, somewhere between 7 and 14 people depending on who shows up when.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.