Monday, June 10, 2013

 Well it was my turn to end up in the hospital. I had a lung
collapse. Talk about taking your breath away! It was not a fun experience.  However, the lung is repaired, I have recuperated
sufficiently that I think I am ready for the first of two art fairs
I have scheduled. I missed the deadlines on several for which I intended to apply. I was flat on my back in the hospital.
 You may have noticed the metal and chain components in many of my Rose of the Heart sets. These are Tori Spelling components, which I have used and modified to my own design specifications.

This bouquet is hematite gray and Montana pale blue rhinestones.  I removed all the findings from the back, then used jump rings to suspend the pearls, rhinestones and chains
beneath the bouquet.

I loved the gold chains but not their ends. I ended up modifying the back of the flower component. I removed all the finding fittings on the back, attached a tube clasp in the middle, so the flower covers both ends of the chains.