Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fabric is another avenue for my creativity to express itself. Finding fabric I like is never a problem, deciding what form or forms it will take, there's the challenge.
I tend to buy limited quantities of fabric since I don't like to make the same thing over and over. This forces me to decide what it should become; scarf, shawl, shrug, poncho,serape,ruana or a combination of these. It depends on how much fabric I get.
If it is a scarf, do I put bead fringe on it or not. If it is several scarves, making the beaded fringe different for each, yet complimentary to the fabric or it's design.
Some fabrics need nothing, others fringe, still others call for beaded fringe.

 There are several factors I consider when shopping for fabric. First, the pattern and/or color have to catch my eye, Second, hand, the feel and drape of the material, If it is coarse , scratchy or stiff it is a no go. I have coarse looking shawls, but they don't feel coarse. If you are wearing something, it should be comfortable.

 My cell purses call for color and pattern. They are generally made of cotton or cotton/poly blend. Here I am going for attractive and durable.