Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So, today was laundry day. Which meant, laundry plus food shopping for my son's lunches, return and pick new library books and audio books, stop for prescriptions and meal prep. The usual stuff. When my son gets home from work he is blowing up about the sparrows nest above the driveway door and the eggs and dead baby birds he keeps finding and how I have to fix it. Mind you I have yet to master levitation to reach the roof peak where the birds are obviously failing to keep their nest, etc. secured. Also, I have no ladder which will reach. Minor details my son overlooks.I am much less worried about it than he. He further informs me that the peaches in the refrigerator are mushy and inedible. I check and they are extremely ripe, but no yet spoiled, so I decide to make peach pie. Not just any peach pie. Sort of a pecan pie, but with peaches. Epic fail! I did not allow for the juiciness of the peaches so the custard never set. Oh well, I'll just have to get more peaches and keep trying. However, in between things I did get several ruana, ponchos and shrugs done and a bunch of stretch rings. Take a look see at the rings and the pie.

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