Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I’m back after a long break!

A great deal has happened since my wife died. I only participated in one more art fair in Auburn Hills the end of July. My heart wasn’t in it so I cancelled the remaining events. Figured I would try again in 2019. I applied and by the end of 2018 I had 5 events already scheduled.
January 2019, I went in for emergency surgery, February, the 16 1/2 year old family dog died, March, I contracted pneumonia and went into congestive heart failure, April, visited my oldest daughter for a week, in California, May, came down with the flu and suffered a cardiac block, June, the 17 1/2 year old family cat died, July, I had a pacemaker implanted to prevent any further cardiac episodes. As a result I had to cancel all 5 events I had accepted. I figured 2020 had to be better.
Covid 19 came visiting.
Michigan in a three month lockdown! The slow reopening caused one show to reschedule to 2021, all my June shows cancelled, all but one of my July shows cancelled. Then a surgical procedure scheduled for September was moved up to July And the doctor told me he wouldn’t clear me to drive until the end of the month, forcing me to withdraw from my only remaining show in July.
I now have just 2 shows in August. Benton Harbor the first weekend and The Arts in the garden at the Sonenberg Estate and gardens State Park in Canandaigua, NY the second weekend.
I am waiting to hear from Covington Louisiana for a show in November. Their application deadline is July 8.

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