Sunday, June 24, 2012

Color frequently drives and sometimes dominates my work. There are times when I take a certain color material and try to create as many different pieces with a limit on how many I make. I limit myself on purpose because I do not repeat or duplicate pieces. My exception is earrings, which I limit to six identical pair when I use specific charms. When I make cell phone purses I limit the amount of material to produce no more than one dozen. Even then I frequently use different material for straps for variety.

When I make scarves, ponchos, ruana or shrugs I only buy a specific number of yards of material. This forces me to decide what form of garment will be the most effective expression for its pattern. Plain colors are less limiting, so I purchase greater yardage.

The bead embellished scarves are the most challenging; you have to deal with color and complement the pattern.

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