Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inspiration comes from many places and in many ways. The workshop in Florida was a series of three half day workshops; two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Friday night was a getting to know you dinner and Sunday afternoon was a fashion show. The registrants were divided into three groups and rotated through each workshop. Friday afternoon was check in and shop for supplies at the sponsoring bead shop for the workshops. My rotation was "Beaded Goddess", spiral rope technique and nature printing on scarves.

 I have already mentioned the results of the spiral rope workshop. The "Beaded Goddess" workshop also provided inspiration in a different way. The workshop focused on mounting and embellishing a ceramic face to create your own unique goddess. That evening when I got to my room and called home to say good night to my children, I finished the necklace and made a pair of earrings. My wife loves them. Sunday morning we were supposed to show the instructor our progress. I was the only one who finished.

The problem I have is making more than one of anything. It's BORING!  When I got home, with Fimo clay in hand, I created "Alien Beauty". It ended up in Beadwork Magazine. Then, my gold tabby wouldn't move, soooo..."Cat Goddess". Finally, I created the "Bad Hair Day Goddess". 

Just to be different, each has a pin back with loops so it may be worn as a pendant, as well as being a brooch/pin.
Then I found a beautiful Hematite gray plastic cameo that I turned into a pin.

So, inspiration is sometimes variations on a theme and sometimes, just, what the heck.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I was the only man in any of the workshops.

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