Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lately, I have been playing with non-symmetrical designs.
Until recently everything I designed was symmetrical, all the elements, colors, etc. balanced with each other.

These gunmetal AB beads are a mixture of three distinct shapes, however while the splatter beads are off-center, I just noticed they are a symmetrical progression (3,4,5)!

The necklace to the right was an early experiment. I already want to change it. I want the circles and rectangles coming off both shoulders and move the focal bead higher.
This is a work in transition.

So, now I am trying not to balance my designs. I mix shapes, sizes, colors. Design elements are deliberately off-center.

I told you this was a work in transition. Well, here it is; shapes coming off the shoulders, the focal bead can be worn on the left or right. This I like a lot better.

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