Thursday, June 28, 2012

 Gunmetal or Hematite Gray is a challenging color to use.
It was just the right color for these spatter beads

Note the three different styles of beads, round faceted, faceted puffy spacer, and cube, used in the necklace.
 Yet, it was also an excellent base color for the "Cat  Goddess" and the accompanying necklace.
 It worked well, in conjunction with a variety of colors of dagger beads.

This necklace is spiral rope, using gunmetal three cut seed and tile beads and dagger beads.
 The bezel for this cameo is all gunmetal three cuts. The cameo itself is gunmetal plastic.

Like black it goes with almost anything and comes in a wide variety of shapes. It provided a dramatic backdrop for this Aragonite star. The gunmetal complements the champagne two cut beads very nicely...

                                                        or tiny little bead flowers.

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